Shanghai Axus Stationery Co.Ltd., pencils, pencil, foil, blackwood, jumbo, stationery, tin, box, lead, color, watercolor, colour, watercolour, art, kids, draw sketch render oil pastel boxset oem EN71-3 and ASTM Shanghai Axus Stationery is a Sino-American company specializing in the manufacture of color and graphite pencils for OEM export. Founded in 1992, Axus Stationery has been consistently proving itself as a leader in quality and innovation in the traditional craft of pencil making. Apart from servicing the domestic Chinese market, Axus also manufactures pencils for several international pencil companies for their markets in Asia and Europe. Our unique lead and paint formula uses components from Japan and the USA, offering optimal color brilliance and smoothness. Leads are centered and fully bonded to the wood to prevent breakage during sharpening. All products comply to EN71-3 and ASTM standards and our paint and lead laboratory includes international color specialists dedicated to developing and improving product quality. Axus also provides one of the widest services for finishing pencils and leads types available. Our range includes products such as eraser tipped, end dipped, striped, foil transferred, 5 color printing and jumbo pencils. Leads include graphite 8B-6H, regular colors, metallic, neon, pastel and 4 color leads. Woods available are Plantation wood, Linden, Chinese Cedar and Incense Cedar. For a more detailed look at exactly what Axus produces click on Products or use the product selector menu on the left.

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